Metronic MVC Integration

Metronic MVC Integration Main

In this blog post we are going to explain how to integrate Metronic admin theme into a newly created ASP.NET MVC web project. First we need to create an empty ASP.NET MVC project. In order to do that, open Visual Studio and navigate to File > New > Project . In the opened dialog select […]

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Our Take at User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX)

User Friendly Interface

Whilst Metronic is specifically designed for Backend users such as developers or administrators, we are adamant to still deliver the best Interfaces and Experiences for our target audience. Regardless of user types, having a logical, simple and clean interface design will definitely benefit in productivity and efficiency for our end users. Let’s first dive in on what exactly […]

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Admin Themes Save Millions When Building a Site or Web App

Admin Themes Usage

Metronic focuses mainly on the development of Dashboards or Administration Panels but what exactly are Dashboards and Admin Panels? Today we discuss on the importance of Web Applications and the inner workings that keeps it interactive, optimized and responsive even when the users are managing their applications behind the scenes. What is a Web App? Web Applications […]

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Responsive Design as a Keystone for Mobile Friendly Websites & Apps

Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design

In today’s web standards, it’s virtually impossible to develop a website without having to make it mobile friendly. In order to stay relevant in today’s web market, we would need to create a highly robust web design that focuses on mobile first with Metronic, and we’ve done just that. As developers of Metronic, we firmly believe in […]

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