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Admin theme 3 issues

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    Issue #1

    There is a setting in the Admin theme 3 called ‘Top Menu Style’ which has two options ‘light and dark’. Changing this value doesn’t seem to have any visual change in the top menu. What exactly is this setting supposed to change?

    Issue #2

    The material design look of the Admin theme 3 seems to disappear after rounded corners have been selected from the settings menu. Are rounded corners compatible with the material design for this tempelate?


    Support Staff Reply #1585


    Thanks for the feedback.

    Please note that your first question asked, dark and light version refers to the dropdown menu of the topbar actions not to the whole menu. The Material design was applied to all the features as well as other rounded or squared corners. The difference is that the box-shadow has not been used for rounded features due to some limitations and to make it more efficient.


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