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amCharts Styling

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    Could you please tell me which sections of the file components-md-rtl.css have to do with the styling of the amCharts?

    The amCharts are not properly styled as compared to their ltr versions.  You may look at the page ‘charts_amcharts.html’ in both ltr and rtl versions to know what I mean.

    If I rename the css ‘components-md-rtl.css’ in the rtl page to ‘components-md.css’, then the charts are styled properly but the other controld become ltr and the page take for ages to load.

    What i want basically is the ltr styling of the charts ONLY to be applied to the rtl version of the file ‘components-md-rtl.css’.

    Please help.


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    Thanks for reporting this bug. We will check it and provide the fix asap.


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