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AngularJS version adding custom Services

  • kaptaink

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    I have been trying to port over a service to the AngularJS version of this theme with no luck.  I have the service working fine in another Bootstrap based theme but no matter what I do with this theme it either doesn’t load the service or it just bombs with an error.  A brand new generic from the Angular docs sample service is met with the same problems.

    My question is really – are you doing anything funky with Angular that would be preventing me from adding a service in the normal Angular way?  Do I need to do anything special inside of the MetronicApp to get a service working correctly?

    Can you provide me a small snippet that would show how to get a service to work with this theme?



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    This was completely user error.  Close this out.


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    Noted 🙂 Good luck with your project!

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