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Bootstrap select displays over fixed header if page is scrolled while open

  • maarbole

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    • Add a bootstrap select to a page.
    • Use a fixed header (specifically fix either header from layout 3).
    • Open the select.
    • Without closing it, scroll the page down.
    • The options will scroll over top of the header bar.

    This isn’t a game breaking “bug” but it does look unprofessional. The issue is that since a multiple select box doesn’t auto-close, if the user doesn’t specifically close the select before scrolling down the page, they will see this odd transition.

    You can view the bug on the Metronic preview site.

    You can also see that this works correctly within the bootstrap select page.

    Edit: Another issue with these bootstrap selects is if you choose data-actions-box="true" The “Deselect All” text is cut off. This may only be an issue with the material design version. I changed the buttons within the bootstrap select js file to make them btn-sm, and this helps, but it is still apparent that the text is not well centered. Any tips on how I might fix this would be appreciated.


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    Hi :),

    Thanks for your feedback on those issues. We will fix both of the issues in the next v4.7 update that we are planning to release very soon. Stay tuned!


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