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Collapse Horizontal Menu automatically on clicking a menu item

  • lesleyjudy

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    I am using version 4.7.5, Admin 3 template. Please see the attached PNG file.

    We use AngularJS 1.5. When I click on a (horizontal) menu item, the expanded menu continue to stay on screen even after the new page is loaded. I have to move my mouse cursor away from the menu in order for it to go away.

    I wonder if I can call a javascript function (via the click event etc.) or dynamically remove/add any class so that the menu automatically collapse after clicking an item?

    I notice this same issues for other templates too including admin 3 AngularJS.

    Thank you for reading this message!!

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    Are you using Metronic 4.7.5 Angular version ? Or you are trying to use Metronic v4.7.5 with Angular ?

    If you are build your own angular version then you can refer to Metronic’s angular implementation. You can see there how Metronic base jquery code in called to initialize the layout.


    Just a friendly reminder: Seems your support subscription is expired and if you wish to get any further theme support you will need to renew your support subscription. For further check please go to Metronic purchase page

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