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Customization and installation!

  • cjcesar

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    Can anyone help me with the customization and installation for this theme urgently. I am happy to pay a fee for someone help me build what I want but I like to understand how it works and I need to updated everything in the future myself.

    Look forwards for your reply.






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    As I know there is not installation or customization program. Just open the template and copy its source and move the resources in appropriate folder/path.  There are comments in it for each section (.css, .js files). Some of them are the core of the template and you have to use it in all of your pages, others are for cetain pluginsand you have to include it only if you need this plugin. Its not easy, you have to understand CSS and JS or at least their basics. Its not like installing wordpress, it’s a template…


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    Hi iivanov2 :),

    Thanks for the great explanation.  You provided very useful info for beginners.

    @cjcesar, if you need any further assistance please let us know here. Good luck with your project!




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