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Error when compiling sass files

  • tinham

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    I get the following error (in Koala) when I try to compile sass files.
    I have not yet altered the files.
    Cannot find the characters the error refers to.

    Error: Invalid US-ASCII character “\xC2”
    on line 156 of /sass/global/plugins/_socicon.scss
    from line 57 of /sass/global/_plugins.scss
    from line 9 of sass/global/plugins.scss
    Use –trace for backtrace.

    Can you help me please.


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    Hi :),

    Thanks for contacting our support. Did you try to compile the sass files with gulp-sass ? What Metronic version are you using ? I would suggest you use the latest version(v4.7) and refer to the theme’s documentation to use the gulp tasks to compile sass files with gulp-sass. Koala has some known issues with sass code that written according to the latest sass library changes.

    If you need any further help please let us know.



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