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    I have bought and downloaded metronic theme from

    I tried to re-download the files. But afaics there is only the admin theme.

    I want to re-download the frontend and e-commerce theme.

    How can I do that?





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    Hi :),

    Metronic used to include the frontend and email templates as a free bonus items which made Metronic a bundle theme. Envato has decided to move all bonus themes to appropriative categories and a free bonus theme will no longer be free for new users. Now Metronic is no longer a bundle theme and but it still will be a complete admin theme and will continue growing with new admin designs and components.

    However we decided to release the frontend themes as freebies in our website.

    If you need the latest version of the frontend themes you can email our support at and provide your license key and we will provide you v4.0 with latest frontend themes.

    We hope for your understanding and support on this major change.

    To stay updated please follow us on 😉


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