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how can I fix the pace ajax loader position problem?

  • Steve Yin

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    I’m trying to add pace.js into my webapp, when the page stays at the top, the pace indicator show’s at the bottom of header menu, but if I scroll the page down and load another page , the pace.js loading indicator still shows at a fixed position, which looks ugly,

    How can I make the pace indicator fixed at the page top, and ignore the page scroll?

    PS: I’m using angularjs to create a SPA application, and I’m using layout 3, and , I’m not using the angularjs templates, just html with my own angularjs implements.


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    Is it the theme’s original bug or you are having this only on your developing app ? If possible can you provide us a test link to your app in a private reply so we can check your code online and provide you further advice.


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