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How to Integrate with XCART Ecommerce to Metronic admin template

  • vigneshinfo87

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    Hi I have already having the website with ecommerece site with the help of xcart Ecommerce. Now i purchase the theme from metronic admin template with front end and shop UI everything. now please tell me how to integrate the Metronic Shop UI to XCART ECommerce Please kindly give the advice, give the step by step instruction to integrate them…

    Support Staff Reply #1550

    Hi there,

    We are sorry, our support does not cover server side development as server side part is responsibility of buyers.

    Basically to utilize the metronic in your custom system you will need some experience in end to end web development since this theme is not for non-developer users.

    Metronic is basically an HTML theme(built with HTML, javascript and css) without actual functionality(the database integration and application business model).

    The actual implementation is responsibility of buyer. Basically any web applications/systems contain of 2 layers:

    1) Design and Frontend UI(html, css, javascript)

    2) Actual system implementation using a server side language such as PHP or Java, and database engine such as MySQL or Oracle.

    Meanwhile our Metronic theme, as an HTML theme helps you on the step #1. The step #2 will be responsibility of the buyers as every buyer has own requirements and system specification.

    Please feel free to ask if you need any further clarifications, our support team would be glad to help. For more info you can check our FAQ here:

    Cheers 🙂

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