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How to start in rails?

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    I have 4 questions:

    1. In the ‘assets’ directory, including all the CSS files, but I only use a theme, how can I extract the necessary files?

    2. There is a ‘bootstrap’ directory and a ‘bootstrap.scss’ file  in the ‘sass’ directory. Is not the official copy of ‘bootstrap’? How can I replace it use gem?

    The gem:

    3. Is there a case or guide for use in rails?

    4. I really like the style of page_user_login_5, but it has no registration page, how can I do it myself?


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    To extract only necessary assets you can follow below steps:

    1) We assume you selected Admin 1(admin_1) sub theme from available 7 sub themes.

    2) There are 2 main parts of the theme. First is the assets folder that contains all the css, js and 3rd party plugins and the templates folder where actually HTML templates are placed. So refer to “theme/assets” and “theme/admin_1” folders to get started.

    3) In “theme/assets” folder you can see separate folder for layouts(admin 1, admin 2, …. admin 7) and you can keep the assets of the layout you are using(theme/assets/layouts/layout) and also the global assets(theme/layouts/global) and the rest layout assets you can remove since your selected layout does not use them. So under “theme/assets/layouts” folder you will have “theme/assets/layouts/layout” and “theme/assets/layouts/global” folder only.

    4) From “theme/admin_1” refer to the started layout_blank_page.html template. This template includes the minimal required css, js and 3rd party plugins. You can use this template as starting point to your application pages.

    5) Try to separate the HTML code of layout_blank_page.html into modular partials(header, sidebar, footer, main content) and keep the partials centralized for each page.

    6) Under 3rd party plugins folder(theme/assets/global/plugins) you can exclude unused plugins if you need. By default metronic includes over 80 3rd party plugins and most of theme you may not use so you can exclude the ones you will not use.

    7) Also you can check the theme documentation in “_documentation/index.html”

    We used official sass version of bootstrap to customize it with Metronic related colors and variable. We are not sure how rails gem works but I would suggest you to stick with Metronic’s bootstrap scss version.

    Yes, many developers use Metronic in their rails projects successfully since Metronic is an abstract theme that never sets any limitations to the backend part. But we don’t have any specific advice on this since we are not rails developers.

    I would suggest to create the registration worm by reusing the login form. However such customization or extending tasks are not covered by our support. But we can point you out if you have any specific questions.


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