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Javascript unable to visually check and uncheck checkbox fields

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    I noticed that the following javascript code that I use all the time, does not work inside the CONQUER theme.  I want the user to click a button, and then the checkboxes on the form change on the click.  The code below is pretty standard and always works but not inside a Conquer form. I pulled this code out and into a standard web page on another site and it worked just fine. But still fails to work in Conquer.  Look at the code below.  When I click my button that fires off some javascript, all the rest of the code works fine. But when the code gets to the 3 javascript lines below, it doesn’t work.  When I debug the CHECKED value, the value is actually changed correctly, which is good. But the checkmark in the box does not updates as I would expect it to.  Can you help?


    <input type=”radio” name=”field1″  id=”somecheckbox1″ value=”1″>
    <input type=”radio” name=”field2″  id=”somecheckbox2″ value=”1″ checked>
    <input type=”radio” name=”field3″  id=”somecheckbox3″ value=”1″ checked>


    document.getElementById(“somecheckbox1”).checked = true;
    document.getElementById(“somecheckbox2”).checked = false;
    document.getElementById(“somecheckbox3”).checked = false;


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