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Keep Sidebar Closed for most pages

  • landon

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    I’m working with the angular version and want to have the side bar closed (or completely gone would be better) for most of my pages. I have this in the main.js ‘pageSidebarClosed: true, // sidebar menu state’ which works great but how can I bring it back to individual pages?


    Thank you for your help!


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    Hi :),

    You can set the sidebar state individually for each page. For example for todo page it is set like below:

    angular.module(‘MetronicApp’).controller(‘TodoController’, function($rootScope, $scope, $http, $timeout) {

    $scope.$on(‘$viewContentLoaded’, function() {
    App.initAjax(); // initialize core components

    // set sidebar closed and body solid layout mode

    $rootScope.settings.layout.pageContentWhite = true;
    $rootScope.settings.layout.pageBodySolid = true;
    $rootScope.settings.layout.pageSidebarClosed = true;


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