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Layout size and number of files

  • Andrzej

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    Hi guys,

    I’ve got this layout recently and tried to include it into my java project in Eclipse. The layout is so big and it’s got so many files that Eclipse fails to build/validate it. Did anyone have similar issue? Do you know some workarounds?

    Many thanks for your answer in advance!



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    Hi :),

    I would suggest you to try to strip unused plugins to reduce the file number and keep only the used ones by following below steps:

    1) We assume you selected Admin 1(admin_1) sub theme from available 7 sub themes.

    2) There are 2 main parts of the theme. First is the assets folder that contains all the css, js and 3rd party plugins and the templates folder where actually HTML templates are placed. So refer to “theme/assets” and “theme/admin_1” folders to get started.

    3) In “theme/assets” folder you can see separate folder for layouts(admin 1, admin 2, …. admin 7) and you can keep the assets of the layout you are using(theme/assets/layouts/layout) and also the global assets(theme/layouts/global) and the rest layout assets you can remove since your selected layout does not use them. So under “theme/assets/layouts” folder you will have “theme/assets/layouts/layout” and “theme/assets/layouts/global” folder only.

    4) From “theme/admin_1” refer to the started layout_blank_page.html template. This template includes the minimal required css, js and 3rd party plugins. You can use this template as starting point to your application pages.

    5) Try to separate the HTML code of layout_blank_page.html into modular partials(header, sidebar, footer, main content) and keep the partials centralized for each page.

    6) Under 3rd party plugins folder(theme/assets/global/plugins) you can exclude unused plugins if you need. By default metronic includes over 80 3rd party plugins and most of theme you may not use so you can exclude the ones you will not use.

    7) Also you can check the theme documentation in “_documentation/index.html”

    If you need any further clarifications please let us know.


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