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Lightbox/Gallery/Carousel Documentation

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    Although my new project is not an “admin dashboard” I like the framework enough that I am going to use it. I know that you have a number of different Lightbox/Gallery/Carousel scripts included. But what I do not see are example pages with demos of them, or even just links to the documentation for them.

    I can hunt down the documentation, of course, but would like some guidance on using them in Metronic. I am specifically working from Admin 3 this time.



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    Hi :),

    Sure, please check below plugins from assets/global/plugins folder

    1) assets/global/plugins/owl-carousel –

    2) assets/global/plugins/revo-slider – Popular jquery revolution slider plugin. The docs and demo codes are provided in the plugin’s folder.

    3) assets/global/plugins/fancybox –

    I hope the above info will be helpful. If you need any further clarifications.


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