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Metronic.scrollTo() with fixed headers in Admin 3 layout

  • irandamay

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    The Metronic.scrollTo() function does not seem to be working quite right with the Admin 3 layout since it has multiple fixed header options.

    The Admin 3 options are to either have .page-header-top-fixed (in which case it should offset by .page-header-top’s height, not .page-header) or .page-header-menu-fixed (in which case it should offset by .page-header-menu’s height).

    I fixed it locally with the following (assets/global/scripts/metronic.js, line 594):

    if (el) {
      if ($('body').hasClass('page-header-fixed')) {
        pos = pos - $('.page-header').height();
      } else if ($('body').hasClass('page-header-top-fixed')) {
        pos = pos - $('.page-header-top').height();
      } else if ($('body').hasClass('page-header-menu-fixed')) {
        pos = pos - $('.page-header-menu').height();
      pos = pos + (offeset ? offeset : -1 * el.height());

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    Hi :),

    Thanks for informing this issue and sharing your solution. We will check it further ans fix it in the next update very soon. Again, really appreciate your contribution!


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