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Open-Sans Fonts, saved locally, differs on IE

  • marcelmunarolo

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    I’m trying to save the Open-Sans fonts locally on the Web Server. On first step I have saved the content of the address “,300,600,700&subset=all” as css file. Then for each woff2 font file listed I downloaded it on server as well and changed the address to them. So far so good, everything works properly on Chorme.

    However, when a access the site from IE, the fonts looks diferent. On IE they looks like bolder style.
    It seems that the Google Open-Sans link offers diferent fonts regarding the browser agent.

    How can I solve this? Is it possible, to save locally the Open-Sans and shift them per browser?

    Thank you in advance!


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    Hi :),

    Unfortunately our support does not cover this issue since this might be a server side issue which not related to the theme and its features.  However you can take a look at this related discussion:

    All the best!


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