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Problem with checkbox in datable

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    I’m having a problem with a checkbox in a table. When I try to read the state, I get the following message:

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘checked’ of undefined

    I have an example of the problem in the following page:

    At the bottom of the table, when you click the green button “Activar Productos” there should appear a javascript alert with the state of the checkbox placed on the same row, left column (chekcbox name: todos). But it throws the error. If I change the type “checkbox” for “text” and I try to get the value, it works.

    I guess there’s a plugin or js missing, but I’ve tried everyhting without success…

    Can you help me?


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    Hi :),

    You should use jquery way to access to the input’s state:


    For more info please check jquery’s official documentation here:


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