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Row Reorder

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    Hi there. I was playing around with Row Reorder (v 4.7). Just wondering if this is working correctly. I have 3 screen attachments for reference.

    1. I’m trying to drag and drop Gecko -> Camino 1.0 row down one row below Webkit -> Safari 1.2 (reorder1.png)
    2. Gecko is now below Webkit (I haven’t released the row yet). (reorder2.png)
    3. Once I release the row, Gecko stays below Webkit, but Camino 1.0 and Safari (and the rest of the row) get switched back. (reorder3.png)

    So basically the whole row isn’t staying after it is dropped into its new location.

    Am I not understanding this correctly or is it a bug?

    Thanks for your time.

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    You will need to disable column sorting in order to use the row reorder plugin. Default column sorting will prevent reorder plugin to work properly if you don’t disable it. To disable column sorting you can check the official documentation here:


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