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sass error with global plugin jquery-notific8

  • gokussx4

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    Error: theme\assets\global\plugins\jquery-notific8\_notific8.scss

    12:9  file to import not found or unreadable: compass/css3/transform


    I am using gulp-sass to build. The plugin folder does not include compass.

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    As of notific8 version 0.9.0, the plug-in’s CSS is coded in SASS (SCSS format) and Compass. To create a custom theme, open the jquery.notific8.scss file, copy and paste the template line, uncomment your pasted line, and replace the variables with your own values. Be sure to recompile your SASS file to CSS to use the new theme. The goal is to only make updates to the _notific8.scss file so that updates will not wipe out your custom themes.

    If you are using SASS for the rest of your project, you can include the _notific8.scss file in your project’s main SCSS file to create your custom themes in there.

    For more info you can check the plugin’s official doc



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    I just messed up my gulpfile. I was trying to build the notific8 in the assets > global > plugin folder because I messed up on the src specification including that folder. Thank you!


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    In case anyone else is interested in using gulp-sass to compile the theme of choice and required components…

    gulp.task('dev', function(){
    return gulp.src(['./theme/sass/admin/layout/**/*.scss',
    includePaths: ['theme']
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    Hi :),

    Glad to know that you managed to fix the issue.

    Thanks for sharing the solution.


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