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Select2 not working with floating label input

  • danillocesar

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    Okay, so here’s the problem.

    I’m making the whole system with floating label design, i had a problem with it when i tried to use the datepicker but i could manage to solve it.


    Now, i’m trying to use a multiple select using Select2 and i’m having big issues with it.


    First, the App.js throws an error when i put “multiple” in the select tag. Okay, i solved this by messing around with the app.js but i still can’t use Select2 and the floating label design together.


    Here’s how it’s showing to me:

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    And here’s is how i would like to show:

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    Any tips?


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    Here’s how it is showing when i put the form-md-floating-label class:

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    Thanks for your feedback on this.

    Please note that the select2 plugin is not integrated with floating label inputs yet. We will consider integrating this in the next update that we are planning to release soon. Stay tuned!


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