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Sidebar always collapse with angularjs

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    I applied angularjs with ui-router in my metronic application which was almost the same as the metronic angular demo. Unfortunately, a sidebar problem occurred. The sidebar itself always collapsed and never locate the correct link, which confused me in some extent.

    BTW, I tried to fix the problem and alert the link info. However, every time the previous link info was shown. For instance, I clicked Link A in menu, nothing happened. Then Link B, it showed the info about Link A, and so on.

    There was an exception, when i reloaded the page by pressing F5, this time the sidebar worked correctly!

    Here is the hierarchy in my route.js (ui-router)

    • main
      • dashboard
      • users
        • list
        • detail
        • creation
      • roles
        • list
        • detail
        • creation

    I’ve uploaded my app.js and router.js


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    Thanks for your feedback.

    Will it be possible to check your working app through a test link ? It would help to provide you more effective support.
    You can provide link in a private reply(check “Set as a private reply above the reply form”).



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