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sidebar chat

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    It’s not very clear how to make a chat in the sidebar.

    The example in the demo just shows one chat which gets shown on each contact.

    Can you please give information about 1. how to toggle the chatwindow. (this doesn’t work, when I dynamically add the chatcontacts) and 2. how to make multiple chats.


    Thank you!



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    Hi :),

    Please note that is not fully functional chat and it just shows a basic chat widget that you can extend further according to your project requirements. To toggle the quicksidebar/chat bar you can call below jquery code:

    $(‘.dropdown-quick-sidebar-toggler’).click(); // trigger quick sidebar click event to toggle the quicksidebar

    To enable multiple chats you will need to extend current quick sidebar layout and customize it according to your project requirements. At the moment this feature is not available in the theme.

    If you need any further clarifications please let us know.


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