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Yadcf plugin not working with Metronic

  • hawkish

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    I used this plugin to filtrer data in the table. But the code that worked without Metronic does not work now. I placed the code in table-advanced.js</span>

    var initTable7 = function () {

    var table = $(‘#sample_7′);

    var oTable = table.dataTable({….}).yadcf([

    {column_number : 1, text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},

    {column_number : 2, text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},

    {column_number : 3, text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},

    {column_number : 4, text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},

    ],’footer’); …. and so on

    Table is initialized but Yadcf inputs are not showing up in the tfoot which is present in HTML.

    And no errors showing up. Plugin CSS and JS placed in plugins folder like plugins/yadcf and included in the page correctly.


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    Just tried to place simple table and put script in the HTML page.



    {column_number : 0},

    {column_number : 1, ¬†text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},

    {column_number : 2,text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},

    {column_number : 3, text_data_delimiter: “,”, filter_type: “text”},


    column_number: 4,

    filter_type: ‘select’,

    select_type: ‘select2’,

    column_data_type: “html”,

    html_data_type: “text”,

    filter_match_mode: “exact”,

    filter_default_label: “Select”,


    ], ‘footer’);


    And it works, so there must be some issue with tableInit() function.


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    Hi :),

    Please note we only provide support to the integrated features of the datatables plugin. Any other 3rd party code or extension integration is not covered by our support. But we can note them as a feature requests and consider implementing them in a future releases.


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