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Aside bar submenu with fixed height

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    we just adquire a license of keenthem and we are very happy with this, but now that we have default theme installed, we need to add some changes.

    I’m sorry it this is not the correct place to ask this, but I think support is neither the place.

    I also appologize for my bad english.

    So the question is, if there is an existing configuration that allows us to make a submenu on left aside naviation bar with fixed height.

    If I just add max-height and overflow: auto; the menu crashes (looks bad)

    When adding max-height

    if I also add display: inline; ( to remove flex value) then I get it working, but scrollbar is navigator default and looks ugly and strange. Furthermore submenus behaviour are not keentheme normal way to act.

    Ugly scrollbar

    Thanks for your help in advance.



    Joan QM.


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    Sorry! finally I solved this by myself.

    I don’t know if there is a way to configure this directly, but I did a mix with other scroll divs on the theme.

    Just add a div with k-scroll and data-scroll properties between k-menu__submenu and span k-menu-arrow.

    Sorry for the inconveniences.


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