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Best way to add new 3rd party component

  • unstantane

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    What is the best way to add a new 3rd party component (like parallax) ?

    Should I configure gulp to add this new component to the bundle ?

    I tried adding css and js files (js added after metronic js files) but I end up with jQuery error telling it cannot find the function

    I suspect a conflict but dont know how to fix it, any help appreciate it


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    You can try to delay the loading of your parallax until the huge Metronic bundled javascript finishes.  I’ve had luck adding async to the tag.  Check out this article for a couple of techniques.

    I have added 3rd party css/javascript to default/tools/conf/default.json but it takes so long to gulp (I use an older version of the 5.x theme) and I do not have the patience for that.


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    Ah ok ! I was not aware of this async tag, i will try this out

    Thanks for replying

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