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Dashboard Split inside 2 tabs

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    3¬†question ūüôā

    I have split the objects of the dashboard inside two Tabs.
    The problem is that! Inside the first tab i have the calendar the general stats, server stats and feeds and all work.
    Inside¬†the second tab i have regional stats but it doesn’t work correctly, all button work but the map is hidden.

    I use the Jqvmap plugin on the dashbord, but how can i add my custom map of another country?
    I have read the documentation of the plugin but i don’t understand this.

    I need customizer the calendar object, how and where i can do this, i have read the documentation.
    I have see your index.js file but this only for demo.

    You can Help me Please?

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    1) Please note that those plugins can not initialized when the container element is hidden. As a workaround you will need to initialize them once on second tab shown. For this you can use bootstrap tab API and conditionally initialize those plugins in the second hidden tab when it will be activated for first time.

    2) As this is a 3rd party plugin we are not able to give more info beyond the official documentation. if you refer to the documentation here “Custom Maps” section you can see there is a reference link to follow to create your custom map. I hope upon reading the doc more carefully you will be able to settle it.

    3) In index.js we included one demo calendar placed in portlet. For any advanced usage of the plugin please refer to the documentation: You can create a new custom JS script and put your calendar related JS code there.

    If you need any further clarifications please let us know.



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