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Datatable don't return "query" values using "getDataSourceQuery"

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    I need help!.

    i use getDataSourceQuery to get current query datasource parameter, but it on Metronic v5.5.5 not work… I use it on v5.0.3 and it works well..

    This is the code:

    var query = datatable.getDataSourceQuery();     <——-  NOT WORK!

    $(‘#m_form_status’).on(‘change’, function () {
    // shortcode to datatable.getDataSourceParam(‘query’);
    var query = datatable.getDataSourceQuery();
    query.Status = $(this).val().toLowerCase();
    // shortcode to datatable.setDataSourceParam(‘query’, query);
    }).val(typeof query.Status !== ‘undefined’ ? query.Status : ”);

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