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Datatables NOT WORK

  • feliper

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    where support? I have a topic and not recevied solution now explain agian, Datatables not working export to PDF, Excel or Print, I make two tests one online and other on localhost, look both:




    It concludes that the files work and others do not, is a list:

    table_datatables_ajax.html – NOT WORK

    table_datatables_buttons.html – WORK FINE

    table_datatables_colreorder.html – WORK FINE

    table_datatables_editable.html – NOT WORK

    table_datatables_fixedheader.html – NOT WORK

    table_datatables_managed.html – NOT WORK

    table_datatables_responsive.html – WORK FINE

    table_datatables_rowreorder.html – WORK FINE

    table_datatables_scroller.html – WORK FINE


    If you want to test ALL go to:


    I am waiting for reply!

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    Hello feliper.
    I only a member but i hope this comment help you.

    If you want to use print buttons you must define buttons options in DataTables initialization.

    var settings = {
    buttons: [{
    extend: ‘print’,
    text: ‘print default’,
    className: ‘btn dark btn-outline’,
    exportOptions: {
    columns: ‘th:visible’
    extend: ‘pdf’,
    text: ‘print pdf’,
    className: ‘btn green btn-outline’,
    exportOptions: {
    columns: ‘th:visible’
    extend: ‘excel’,
    text: ‘print excel’,
    className: ‘btn purple btn-outline’,
    exportOptions: {
    columns: ‘th:visible:not(.row-btn)’


    Good luck.

    Sorry my bad english.


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    problen is on script, if you test you see not work, this file no have change = original.


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    Please note, this demo does not have PDF, Excell features.
    The dropdown menu with export options is just static(put for display only) and it does not perform any action.

    If you need a working example of the export features you should download the latest Metronic v4.5.3 version where this already implemented. For more info please check the latest Metronic preview site:

    To try it please go to the last table “AJAX DATATABLE” and click on “TOOLS” dropdown menu.


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