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Form Wizard Breaking Mixitup

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    I am using the Form Wizard in admin3 theme.  I have put a mixitup filter (portfolio) to help customers sort through group of items visually.   The form wizard works fine on its own, so does the mixitup filter.

    They can co-exist on the same page without a problem.  HOWEVER, once I put the mix filter inside one of the form wizard tabs, it stops filtering the content.

    I am sure its a problem with the JS, but I cant find the issue.  I am not getting any PHP or JS errors, it just fails to sort.  Ironically I have an accordion firing off the same filters, and it works fine.

    I even upgraded to the newest mixItUp version ( hoping that would fix it, but it did not.

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    Hi :),

    Thanks for contacting our support.

    I suspect that the issue is due to initializing the mixitup instance on a hidden container(hidden in wizards following steps).  If this is the issue then you will need to init the mixitup instance on wizard step shown.
    You can check the bootstrap wizard’s event handler here:


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