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How to save theme user options and load them later ?!

  • venksta

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    Hi there!

    I’m using admin theme 1 and I need to save all the user options (color theme,boxed layout etc.) and load these settings right away when he load another page.

    I’m getting the made options and setting them into the user session.

    But later how should I load the proper settings.

    Lets say the theme color option is loaded like :
    <link href=”{{ URL(‘/’) }}/assets/admin/layout/css/themes/{{ Session::has(‘theme-color’) ? Session::get(‘theme-color’) : ‘default’ }}.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” id=”style_color”/>

    And it’s working fine . But for example now Im fetching the layout style : boxed or fixed.

    What I’ve done is to write page-boxed to the body… but it’s still loading the fixed.

    What’s the proper way to change these stuff in the code (html , without using cookies ) ?!


    Thanks !!


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    Hi :),

    Thanks for contacting our support.

    To set the boxed layout you will need to refer the boxed layout template and follow below steps:

    1) Add ‘page-boxed’ class to the body element

    2) Add ‘container’ class to “page-header-inner” DIV

    3) Wrap the content and footer with “container” DIV.

    If you need any further clarifications please let us know.



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    Thanks for the info!

    Isnt there any better way of controlling these stuff ?!

    I spent a lot of time just searching in the code what’s changing at some action.

    It’s really annoying and time wasting.Is there some documentation about that ?!



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    At the moment we do not have documentation for this. Currently we are working on our documentation and those details will be included soon.

    In the main time you can refer to existing demo templates with preset layout settings for each available layout option under “Page layouts” section.


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