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Licence Info

  • arya1234

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    Today, I made a purchase of your Metronic CSS with Regular Licence, I want to make use of this template for my development (localhost) and Production (some domain).. I need more information regarding the Licence.

    Where do i need to apply the licence exactly. ? does it require separate licences for each developer machine for development ..? How this works I did not found more details in your documentation..


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    Hi :),

    The license if for the reference only and you don’t have to you apply or register it anywhere. You can just own it and keep it as a proof for using the theme legally. The license is required for end use only so in your case you can have unlimited development instances. But for each production instances you will need a separate license. Also if your site will charge its users for a service or access you will need to purchase the extended license. If your site is a free site then you can just use the regular license. If you need any further clarifications please let us know.



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