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Medtronic 5 with angularjs

  • faizalnor

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    I just bought this beautiful Metronic 5 theme, but I’m not ready to go with angular 5 as I’m still host it using cpanel. It is difficult for me to moving forward using angular 5 currently. is there any possible to have the theme ready with angularjs with routing etc.?

    and I will also recommend the team to have ganttchart theme together for the next update. kind a useful tools nowadays.

    hope to hear from u soon!


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    Hi đŸ™‚

    Thanks for your feedback.

    In Metronic 5, we only provide the sample app for the Angular 5.

    For you to use it in AngularJS, you need to integrate it your own using default HTML version.

    We will consider your suggestion on the Gantt chart theme.


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