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Mobile Menu: Link in Topmenu with submenus

  • RentMyNick

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    Hey Together,

    i have a question 🙂

    I use the Frontend Corporate Metronic Theme and have a Top-Menu with Submenus. The Top-menu links to an own page. But if i go to my mobile device and open the menu, i can just open the submenus of my mainmenu, but i am not able to go to the link in my mainmenu.

    • Mainmenu                   (link to main.html)    <— On small screen with mobile menu i can not visit this link
      • Submenu 1        (link to sub1.html)
      • Submenu 2        (link to sub2.html)

    Any idea how to work around that? 🙂


    Thanks a lot 🙂


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    Hi :),

    Please note that “link to main.html” is not supported in the theme. According to the original theme you should use “javascript:;” for the parent link URL.  If you fix this issue the menu will work as expected in both desktop and mobile.


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