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"page-boxed" Not Working

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    Adding the class “page-box” to the <body> tag has no effect in “admin4_material_design” theme template for Metronic.

    According to the documentation, it recommends going to the demo page, making changes using the little gear icon for settings, making your changes and then using the classes that have been applied to that <body> tag in your own project.  Unfortunately it has no effect.  When I use the little gear icon in my own project, the dropdown is selected for “boxed”, however it is not boxed.  When I choose Fluid, and then Boxed again, it does correctly display boxed.

    The current classes I have are:
    <body class=”page-md page-boxed page-header-fixed page-sidebar-closed-hide-logo page-header-fixed-mobile page-footer-fixed1″>

    Hopefully there is some conflict of classes there and I can just make some changes?  Thanks for any assistance.

    Support Staff Reply #1835


    To switch to the boxed layout will also need to wrap the page container and footer with “container” div.

    Please refer to admin4_material_design/layout_boxed_page.html and see how the page content and footer are wrapped with outer div.

    If you need any further clarifications please let us know.


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