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Simple example for integrating Metronic into an Angular project?

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    Folks, I’m trying to integrate some of Metronic’s UI components into an existing simple Angular project. The included documentation for Angular integration doesn’t seem to explain this workflow, so I’m left with looking at the three demo projects that are included. However, these are quite heavyweight projects, bringing in the likes of ng-auth and ngrx store etc.. The problem I have with these is that it seems very unclear which parts of the code constitute Metronic code and which parts are effectively the demo content. So I’m not sure which parts I need to copy and which parts I don’t. Also, there isn’t a great split either, so as soon as I start copying simple modules (perhaps from the Core folder), the dependencies mean I have to start copying in loads of stuff until I end up with a bloated project with all sorts of packages that I didn’t expect to need.

    Anyone know of either a simple demo project with perhaps a few UI components that I can work with? Or better yet, a tutorial on how to create one, from an “ng new” starting point?




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    I am also wondering about it. I can’t find any clear documentation on how to do things using metronic… What should I do add a button, input, chart, table and so on?

    Their documentation is not clear about it.

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