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Source for Metronic 4.x having recently purchased license for the 5.x version ?

  • fabic

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    Hi!  I’m working on a project based on the 4.x version of Metronic; and purchased a license for personal usage and ended up with the most recent version 5.x  (which is fine for me).

    I’m however I’m in need for the 4.x version source code to serve as reference of dos and donts, since I can’t easily ask for it here //  (version 5.x is too much different in practice).

    Hence my request : would it be possible to obtain somehow the latest source code of version 4.x ?

    Thanks for your consideration, all the best.



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    Sorry for the late reply.

    You can get the most stable v4.7.5 version in current download package.  Please double check your download package and you will get the last stable version of 4.x which is v4.7.5.



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    I also need the v4.7.5 code base but it is no longer in the download package. Please advise. Thank you.

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