Keen Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Framework
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Prevent gulp assets compile from being clear, if compile for a single type assets. Eg. JS only.
    • Set KTDatatable pagination to display if the page has only one.
    • Define the KTDatatable search parameters search.key via options.
    • Enable KTDatatable checkbox extension using boolean. eg. { extensions: { checkbox: true } }
    • Added aria-label attribute to the KTDatatable column.
    • Added responsive toggle button for profile page's aside panel


    • Removed tinymce fixed height from SCSS and moved to tinymce JS option.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Added Webpack devServer with live reload.
    • Select2 integration with Bootstrap Input Groups and Validation States.


    • Fixed jstree plugin conflict in webpack build.
    • Fixed DataTables pagination styles and plugin extensions in webpack build.
    • Fixed summernote JS error issue in IE11 by reverting version to 0.8.12.
    • Fixed string with backtick (`) issue in IE11.
    • Fixed missing KTDatatable perpage dropdown in RTL.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed KTUtil.scrollTo() from scrolling back to the top.
    • Fixed datatables.net API undefined function in webpack build.
    • Fixed horizontal menu arrow direction in RTL
    • Fixed KTDatatable JS error on page initialize.
    • Fixed KTDatatable perpage dropdown wrong position.
  • New

    • Added bootstrap-datepicker and bootstrap-datetimepicker locale example.


    • Fixed Demo2 aside scrollable height issue.
    • Fixed Perfect Scrollbar scroll issue for the Aside scrollable menu and other global scrollable contents.
    • Fixed KTUtil.scrollTo() issue always back to the top.
    • Fixed incorrect dropdown position inside KTDatatable on screen change (resize, orientation change, etc.)
    • Fixed KTDatatable multiple search request on every button's keyup. Eg. arrow keys, F4, ESC, etc.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Removed duplicate type="text".
    • Bootstrap v4.4.1 update.
    • Chart.js v2.9.3 update.


    • Fixed KTDatatable responsiveness during screen orientation change.
    • Fixed KTDatatable horizontal scrollbar in mobile screen mode for table with child.
    • Fixed KTDatatable inifinite scroll on Edge browser.
    • Fixed KTDatatable pagination size container in Child data table.
    • Fixed KTDatatable active row count.
    • Fixed KTDatatable to set start page 0 if the is no records. eg. Showing 0 - 0 of 0.
    • Fixed Dual-Listbox duplicates item in the list.
    • Fixed Flaticon icon's position in button for RTL.
    • Fixed arrow icons in Topbar list item for RTL.
    • Fixed Bootstrap-Touchspin wrong increment/decrement.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Datatables.net plugin update to the latest version.
    • Flags svg filenames globally changed in HTML.
    • Added Fixed Subheader option for mobile view.


    • Fixed Dual-Listbox plugin issue in the latest version and use v1.1.0.
    • Fixed function name KTUtil.scrollUpdate().
    • Fixed bootstrap-select error icon's alignment.
    • Fixed KTWizard.goTo() method call inside beforeNext and beforePrev events.
    • Fixed KTWizard Plugin.getFirstStep is not a function error.
    • Fixed KTWizard get index.
    • Fixed KTDatatable vertical and horizontal scrollbars.
    • Fixed KTDatatable sample page "Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)" error.
    • Fixed input validation error icon not inline.
    • Fixed dual-listbox. Removed $this.empty() to fix empty previously selected option when saving.
    • Fixed KTDatatable date sorting issue on dashboard page.
    • Fixed noUiSlider style when compile using webpack.
    • Fixed dragging scrollbar issue in RTL.
    • Fixed webpack check for existing folder on creating new folder.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Change Font-family variables to include fallback list of similar default fonts.
    • Added Login v1 and Login v2 example javascript code.


    • Fixed missing jquery-validation and jquery-form plugin to the webpack build.
    • Fixed webpack conflict of Bootstrap modal with Datatables plugin.
    • Fixed KTDatatable to keep column's visibility when switching screen between desktop and mobile view.
  • New

    • Added new Mail Inbox app. Live Preview
    • Added Tagify plugin integration to support advanced tags inputs. Live preview
    • Added Gmail Like Multipe File Upload using DropzoneJs with manual and auto uploading of individual files. Live preview
    • Added Uppy File Upload sleek, modular open source JavaScript file uploader plugin. Live preview

    Updates & Improvements

    • Fixed subheader feature for Demo 5
    • Update flot chart plugin v3.2.2
    • Removed minHeight: 500 from KTDatatable default option and make it as optional option.
    • Change Google font include via CSS link tag.
    • Renamed output assets folder name in assets/vendors/global/ from img to images.
    • Separate default and classic version demos into stand-alone demos with independent templates, assets and build tools.
    • Rename the assets config from build.json to gulp.config.json in default version.
    • Move assets vendors folder to the new folder plugins.
    • In HTML rename assets vendors.bundle.css and vendors.bundle.js files to plugins.bundle.css and plugins.bundle.js accordingly.


    • Fixed KTDatatable columns visibility in hide mode when in mobile view.
    • Fixed KTApp.progress() size option issue.
    • Fixed jstree missing context menu separator.
    • Fixed Webpack Sweetalert duplicated inline css.
    • Fixed gulp assets' path rewrite for nested assets folder.
    • Fixed missing jquery-form include in login-6 using webpack.
    • Fixed webpack compile for sample demo pages with overriden SCSS config.
  • New
    • Added Webpack version of the bulding tools. Learn more
    • Added Uppy File Upload sleek, modular open source JavaScript file uploader plugin. Live preview
    • Added Quill Editor sleek and powerful rich text editor. Live preview
    • Added Dual Listbox plugin to make multi select pretty and easy to use. Live preview
    • Added Users app:
    • Added Profile app:
    • Added fluid and fixed container width options for Subheader, Content & Footer in Demo 1. Live preview
    • Added fluid and fixed container width options for Header, Content & Footer in Demo 2. Live preview
    • Added fluid and fixed container width options in Demo 3. Live preview
    • Added fluid and fixed container width options in Demo 4. Live preview
    • Added fluid and fixed container width options for Subheader, Content & Footer in Demo 5. Live preview
    • Added fluid and fixed container width options for Content in Demo 6. Live preview
    • Added jstree page. Live Preview

    Updates & Improvements
    • The HTML templates incldued for all demos in the download package.
    • The Classic Version of the theme has been excluded from the original download package due to increasing size of the theme. It still can be provided for the latest available version of the theme upon request via support@keenthemes.com. We highly recommend everyone to use the buildable version(gulp or webpack) instead for more efficient development.
    • Fullcalendar v4 update.
    • Added kt-container base component to handle the content elements width for all demos. All demos subheader and content layout parts must be updated with the latest markup.
    • Changed assets config path in tools/build.json from {$config.output} to {$config.dist}.
    • Added kt-container in all demos as base container for layout and content elements
    • Sticky Portlet position setting improvements
    • Extended Aside Secondary fix for mobile demo for Demo 1
    • Update autoprefix browserlist deprecated option
    • Update flot chart plugin v3.2.2

    • Fixed Summernote z-index issue.
    • Fixed dashboard KTDatatable height.
    • Fixed KTDatatable column visibility function datatable.visible() to allow hide column at the initial.
    • Fixed DataTable dropdown z-index in the grid.
    • Fixed jQueryUI Datepicker and Bootstrap Datepicker conflict.
    • Fixed RTL style issues.
    • Aside menu link text line break issue for all demos
    • Fixed dashboard KTDatatable height.
    • Fixed KTDatatable column visibility API datatable.columns('columnName').visible(false);.
    • Fixed DataTable dropdown z-index in the grid.
    • Fixed RTL style issues.
    • Fixed Autoprefixer build issue.
  • New
    • Added Tooltip Hint for Demo 6 aside menu links.
    • Added Languages Dropdown Menu for Demo 6 aside menu.
    • Added User dropdown Menu option(via the layout builder) for Demo 6 aside menu.
    • Added gulp subtasks. Eg. gulp build --js, gulp build --sass, gulp build --media

    Updates & Improvements
    • Improved file structure:
      • default demo ID has been renamed to demo1.
      • The source src folder has been fully reconstructed to provide more clean and elegand file structure for SASS, JS and Media files.
      • The assets folder has been slightly reconstructed to separate the assets versions per working demo.
      • The only change in the code is with the assets paths so refer to this version and update the assets paths accordingly. However no changes has been made in the actual HTML, SASS or JS code.
      • More details can be found in this video: Keen v1.4.0 - File Structure Change.

    • Sweetalert2 body height conflict issue.
    • Login v1 input padding issue in IE11.
    • Fixed KTDatatable gotoPage(pageNumber) API.
    • Summernote Editor zindex issue.
    • Bootstrap tooltips position issue in Demo 6 aside menu.
    • Bootstrap dropdown menu position issue in Demo 6 aside menu.
    • Fixed KTMenu.setActiveItem() function.
    • Input border color improvement for global form controls.
    • Fixed RTL dropdown menu position.
    • Fixed KTDatatable initial parameters via option.
  • New
    • New Aside Removed Layout option for Default demo. Live preview
    • Added Layout Features pages for Default demo to show various layout examples. Live preview
    • Added KTDatatable data.contentType option.

    Updates & Improvements
    • Global css class, custom javascript plugin class name and html attributes changed due to KendoUI framwork's class name conflict with Keen's k-* prefix format. Following the new format, all Keen classes use kt-* format(e.g: kt-header, kt-footer, kt-widget-45 etc), custom JS plugins classes use KT* format(e.g: KTDatatable, KTMenu, etc) and custom plugins HTML attributes use data-kt* format(e.g: data-ktmenu-mode="vertical", data-ktheader-offset="40", etc).
    • KTDatatable pagination design improvements.
    • Flaticon iconset update and class name improvements(long class names shortened).
    • Login v1 markup and layout improvements.
    • Login v2 markup and layout improvements.

    • Input background color and font issue of Chrome's autocomplete form inputs(updating chrome is required).
    • Fixed KTDatatable text inputs (search by column) responsiveness.
    • Fixed Demo 5 layout issue on IE11.
    • Fixed Sweetalert2 padding issue for Demo2.
    • Fixed some sass code systax issues in the framework level.
    • Fixed topbar dropdown offset value depreciation warning(for all demos) by changing value from data-offset="30px 0px" to data-offset="30px,0px" format.
  • Fixes
    • Broken HTML code issue when Subheader v2 enabled.
    • Demo 2 and Demo 3 body padding issues on Bootstrap Modal open.
    • Header Quick Search ajax result issue.
  • New
    • New Demo 6 - Compact Dashboard App. Live preview
    • Added new gulp parameter --rtl to enabled or disable RTL CSS by gulp command. Eg. gulp --rtl=false
    • Added new gulp parameter --demo to generate assets for the selected demo only by command.
      Eg. gulp --demo=demo3,demo4

    Updates & Improvements
    • Bootstrap v4.3.1 update. Running yarn install task is required to install this update.
    • Bootstrap Daterangepicker v3.0.3 update.
    • Custom pages/apps file structure changes and optimizations. This will allow us to add an unlimited number of custom apps and pages that can be used on demand without overloading the base css/js bundle.

    • Fixed Classic Package demos missing assets issue.
    • Fixed KTDatatable initialize event not trigger in the local data source type.
    • Fixed KTDatatable auto hidden column, for local data source type.
    • Fixed KTDatatable empty object on the first row of template callback, for local data source type.
    • Fixed KTDatatable checkbox selections for normal table and locked column's table.
    • Fixed KPortlet javascript error when .k-portlet__body or .k-form missing in the portlet container.
    • Fixed mobile menu toggler not working when header menu is disabled.
    • Fixed can't type anything in the Date and Custom Placeholder date input-mask input
  • Updates & Improvements
    • Documentation updates and improvements
    • Sales Statistics, Revenue Growth and General Statistics chart widget improvements.

    • Keen.sketch file format issue.
    • Fixed Demo3 content z-index conflict with the modal's zindex.
    • Fixed SweetAlert deprecated functions.
    • Fixed Keen Datatable column's width demo.
    • Fixed offcanvas.on() undefined error.
    • Fixed Keen Datatable column words wrap.
  • New
    • Fully functional ajax based Quick Search component implementation for all demos.
    • Bootstrap Toast component integration.
    • Subheader(static and sticky) integraton for all demos.
    • PSD & Sketch files:
      • Launcher
        • Demo Default
        • Navy Aside
        • Navy Header
        • Brand Aside
        • Brand Header
        • Light Version
      • Demo 2
        • Navy Aside
        • Brand Aside
        • Light Version
      • Demo 3
        • Default Version
        • Aside Version
      • Demo 4
        • Default Version
        • Aside Version
      • Demo 5
      • 32 Widgets
      • Calendar
      • Portlets
      • Profile
      • Tables
      • Tabs
      • Datatable
        • Local Data
        • Multiple Data
      • FAQ 1
      • FAQ 3
      • Basic Forms
      • Input Groups
      • 5 Pricing Options
      • Wizard 2
      • Wizard 3
      • Wizard 4

    Updates & Improvements
    • Bootstrap v4.2.1 update.
    • Flaticon update.
    • Default Package file structure changes.
    • Classic Package file structure changes.
    • Default, Demo2, Demo3, Demo4 and Demo5 layout improvements(HTML, SASS).
    • Update clipboard.js new Clipboard() to new ClipboardJS()
    • Update vendor's plugins:
      • bootstrap-daterangepicker 3.0.3
      • bootstrap-select 1.13.5
      • clipboard 2.0.4
      • handlebars 4.0.12
      • inputmask 4.0.6
      • jquery-validation 1.19.0
      • nouislider 12.1.0
    • Layout Builder improvement for Default demo.

    • Disable CSS3 transition before page fully loaded to make the page loading more smooth.
    • Work around for the multiple select control with selected option issue on Chrome during page load from the browser cache.
    • Removed "tab" space in between HTML classes.
    • Inline Javascript and HTML code formatting.
    • Sticky Portlet position issues(with non-fixed headers) for all demos.
  • Updates & Improvements
    • Improved Dashbord Charts height for responsive modes.
    • Improved Portlet Header height fo responsive modes.

    • Fixed Sales Stats widget's style issue in the Demo 5's user profile offcanvas panel.
    • Fixed KTDatatable reloading issue when scrolling in mobile device.
    • Fixed KTDatatable sorting icon on checkbox issue.
  • New
    • Added new Demo 5 - A completely unique multi-purpose demo. Live preview
    • Added new examples for KTDatatable displaying in modal. Live preview
    • Added 3 new Blog pages for blog listing with classic and grid layouts. Live preview
    • Added new Blog page for blog post with commenting form. Live preview
    • Added Portlet Tools feature using KPortlet custom plugin. Live preview
    • Added Sticky Panel feature using sticky-js plugin. Live preview
    • Added new Search component for quick search and result displaying. Live preview
    • Added new Navigation component for quick access to modules via large shortcut icons. Live preview
    • Added new Notification component to display notification list with solid and bold icons and text explanations. Live preview
    • Added new User Offcanvas Panel to display user profile with user related charts and content. Live preview
    • Added new Sales Statistics chart widget component. Live preview
    • Added new Revenue Growth chart widget component. Live preview

    Updates & Improvements
    • Overal Default demo design and text readability improvements for better user experience.
    • Overal dashboard widgets design and text readability improvements for better user experience.
    • Overal theme color scheme and font size improvements for better user experience.
    • KTDatatable design improvents to make it look more design matching and integrated to the current demo and it's color scheme.
    • Added new KTDatatable option to force show or hide in responsive mode table.
    • Improved KTDatatable responsive with toggle to show hidden columns.
    • Layout skins css file separation from the main bundle css file. Now all custom skins can be included separately on demand only.
    • Custom pages css file separation from the main bundle css file. Now all custom pages(blog, login, user profile) can be included separately on demand only.
    • Overall layout and page content responsiveness improvements.
    • Custom xxl breakpoint for the bootstrap grid is removed.
    • Overall sass code and config variable structure improvements.

    • Fixed KTDatatable extra <th></th> tag from Column Search demo page.
    • Fixed KTDatatable dropdown menu overflow and cut off issue.
    • Fixed typeahead javascript error.
    • Fixed Sticky Portlet left & right position issues.
    • Fixed Demo Switcher panel's toggle link's height issue on Edge.
  • New
    • New Demo 3 - Creative Dashboard. Live preview
      • Fully compatible with all Keen Components and Plugins
      • Fixed & Fluid layout width support
      • Sidebar Menu support
      • Sticky/Fixed Header support
    • New Demo 4 - CRM & Intranet Application. Live preview
      • Fully compatible with all Keen Components and Plugins
      • Fixed & Fluid layout width support
      • Sticky/Fixed Sidebar Menu support
      • Sticky/Fixed Header support
    • 8 new widgets for all demos. Live preview
      • Author Sales
      • Total Orders
      • Technologies
      • Latest Events
      • New Products
      • Latest Orders
      • Order Statistics
      • Top Categories
    • New Button Elevate Shadow styles. Live preview

    Updates & Improvements
    • Improved Responsive Header for all demos.
    • Improved Responsive Page Title & Breadcrumbs for all demos.
    • Improved Fixed Aside Menu scrollbar height handling for all demos.
    • Improved Fixed Header bar for all demos.

    • Fixed KTDatatable misaligned scrollbar after resize.
    • Fixed KTDatatable jumping row on the last cell dropdown popup.
    • Fixed KTDatatable vertical scrollbar moving with content when scrolling horizontal scrollbar.
    • Fixed Sweetalert2 body padding override issue for Demo2. Please add k-sweetalert2--nopadding class to the body and html tags in demo2 HTML
  • New
    • Added: New Demo2 for Creative Light Dashboard. Live preview.
    • Added: New Green Aside skin for Default demo. Live preview.
    • Added: New Light Aside skin for Demo2. Live preview.
    • Added: New Dark Aside skin for Demo2. Live preview.
    • Added: New Green Header skin for Demo2. Live preview.
    • Added: Custom Keen Wizard Plugin for stepped form flows.
    • Added: Custom Keen Portlet Plugin for handling portlet components.
    • Added: Form wizard version 1 based on Keen Wizard Plugin Live preview
    • Added: Form wizard version 2 based on Keen Wizard Plugin Live preview
    • Added: Form wizard version 3 based on Keen Wizard Plugin Live preview
    • Added: Form wizard version 4 based on Keen Wizard Plugin Live preview
    • Added: Sticky(fixed) actions bar solution for long forms based on Keen Portlet Plugin Live preview
    • Added: Sticky(fixed) portlet head solution for portlets with long content based on Keen Portlet Plugin Live preview
    • Added: Custom Keen Avatar Plugin to preview attached images for file inputs. Live preview
    • Added: User profile Avatar File control. Live preview
    • Added: New Agenda Week view for Fullcalendar. Live preview

    • Updated: Fontawesome v5.3.1

    Fixes & Improvements
    • KTDatatable sanitize custom string from template option to prevent XSS.
    • Fullcalendar design imporvements.
    • jQuery Validation integration issue encountered in Form Validations examples.
    • jQuery Validation downgraded to v1.7.0 as the latest v1.8.0 was not stable enough.
  • New:

    Fixes & Improvements:
    • Fixed: Calendar navigation arrow icon's vertical alignment issue for Bootstrap Datepicker plugin.
    • Fixed: "use strict" compatibility issue in KUtil.one(...) event method defined in src\theme\framework\components\base\util\util.js.
  • New
    • Initial released

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