Keen - The Ultimate Multi-Demo Bootstrap Admin Theme
logo Multi Demo Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Theme
  • Updates & Improvements


    • Fixed Demo2 sidebar content scrolling issue.
    • Fixed Webpack RTL build.
    • Fixed Webpack minified assets build.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Added navigation parameter to KTWizard plugin. Learn more.


    • Fixed Dropzone remove button position.
    • Fixed Cropper assets in Webpack build.
    • Removed duplicate Share.svg icon.
    • Fixed CSS syxtax errors and warnings.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed Gulp build issue for demos 2 to 7.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed Bootstrap Dropdown z-index conflict with fixed header layouts.
    • Fixed Webpack Build error when build with the latest npm version.
    • Fixed KTDatatable dropdown can't be opened after second click.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Bootstrap v4.6.0 update.
    • Remove node-sass and replaced with dart-sass for Gulp and Webpack builders.


    • Fixed Card tooltip issue caused after it's removal.
    • Fixed KTDatatable bug for hidden columns on every sorting.
    • Fixed missing expand/collapse arrow in Datatables responsive example.
    • Fixed JS error conflict between datatables.bundle.js with other jQuery plugins when using Webpack build.
    • Fixed toastr and summernote missing sourcemap file warning.
  • Fixes

    • Fixed Bootstrap-select and Treeview conflict issue in Webpack build.
    • Fixed KTDatatable dropdown position issue inside child table.
    • Fixed Gulp build issue, related to SCSS file import not found.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Bootstrap Switch downgraded to v3.3.0 due to known issues of v3.4.0.


    • Fixed Demo 2 aside layout toggle issue.
    • Fixed Demo 6 aside layout toggle issue.
    • Fixed KTDatatable bug with autoColumns option where empty table on the first load.
    • Fixed KTDatatable bug with sorting function not working when autoColumns option is enabled.
    • Fixed Webpack import error in Demo 6.
    • Update Webpack v5 localhost server and fixed older version Webpack localhost error.
    • Fixed topbar dropdown issue in Datatable page when build using Webpack.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • HTML Upgrade Webpack v5
    • HTML Updated datatables JSON response structure with the latest version. Refer to documentation.
    • Bootstrap v4.3.2 update.
    • Tagify v3.21.4 update.
    • CKEditor v23.1.0 update.
    • Fontawesome 5 v5.15.1 update.
    • Uppy v1.14.0 update.
    • Animate v4.1.1 update.
    • Apexcharts v3.22.2 update.
    • Bootstrap Daterangepicker v3.1.0 update.
    • Bootstrap Maxlength v1.10.0 update.
    • Bootstrap Select v1.13.18 update.
    • Bootstrap Switch v3.4.0 update.
    • Datatables v1.10.22 update.
    • Flot v4.2.1 update.
    • Gmaps v0.4.25 update.
    • Handlebars v4.7.6 update.
    • jKanban v1.2.3 update.
    • Inputmask v5.0.5 update.
    • Jstree v3.3.10 update.
    • Leaflet v1.7.1 update.
    • Moment v2.29.1 update.
    • Nouislider v14.6.2 update.
    • Popper.js v1.16.1 update.
    • Pdfmake v0.1.68 update.
    • Prismjs v1.22.0 update.
    • Quil v1.3.7 update.
    • Select2 v4.0.13 update.
    • Sticky-js v1.3.0 update.
    • Summernote v0.8.18 update.
    • Sweetalert2 v10.10.0 update.
    • Tinymce v5.5.1 update.
    • Gulp compile using --prod flag or enable js/css minification setting will append .min to the output filename.
    • Gulp auto resolve path for 3rd party node modules plugin in SCSS. Eg. @import "../node_modules/bootstrap/ to @import "bootstrap/


    • Fix KTDualListbox duplicating options
    • Fix KTDatatable function getSelectedId() duplicated id.
    • Fix Webpack file paths import by prepend ./ at the first of the file path.
    • Fix KTDatatable border for HTML table.
    • Fix KTDualListbox duplicating options
    • Fix issue with v1.10.22 update.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Disable window scroll when Offcanvas shown on mobile
    • Symbol component improvements to support multi-line content


    • Fixed webpack missing JS files.
  • Updates & Improvements

    • Subheader responsive layout improvements.


    • Fixed body scroll issue when Offcanvas block is opened on mobile mode.
    • Fixed KTLayoutStickyCard initialization error.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Bootstrap v4.5.2 update.
    • Improve gulp minify build.
    • Changed jsUglify gulp build config to jsMinify.


    • Fixed Draggable Card border issue on draggable zone click.
    • Fixed Demo 1 aside toggle click issue on minimized aside hover.
    • Fixed User Profile scroll issue on mobile.
    • Fixed KTDatatable duplicate count of selected checkboxes.
    • Fixed KTDatatable autoHide toggle when no detail row to render.
    • Fixed KTDatatable width adjustment issue when there is no data.
  • New

    • New codebase and improved core framework.
    • Full demos redesign.
    • Full widgets, components, elements and plugins redesign.
    • 100+ new widgets. See preview.

    Updates & Improvements

    • Removed custom Keen classes kt-* and replace with the Bootstrap standard classes and new Keen classes compatible with Bootstrap framework.
    • Removed custom KTPortlet plugin and implemented new KTCard class on top of Bootstrap Card component.
    • Source code preview for the components and plugins examples.
    • Core Javascript code and performance optimization.
    • File structure optimization.
    • Gulp builder optimization.
    • Webpack builder optimization and remove deprecated Webpack plugins.
    • Pre-compiled assets included in the download package.
    • Classic version has been removed, the pre-compiled assets can be used as an alternative.
    • Removed cookie option from KTDatatable saveState.cookie. Set data.saveState = true to enable localStorage.


    • Fixed KTDatatable duplicate count of selected checkboxes.
    • Fixed KTDatatable negative pagination when there is no record on the list.

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