Keen - The Ultimate Multi-Demo Bootstrap Admin Theme

The most complete UI/UX template solution for today's web projects of any size

Classic Version

Classic version theme is the old style coding without any build tools, css processors or package managers.

The classic version theme can be found in [root]/theme/classic/.

You do not any build tools to run this templates. Any customization to the assets must be done directly into assets folder in [root]/theme/classic/demos/[demo_id]/assets.

The RTL (Right-to-Left) assets are included in the source assets folder.

Copy [root]/theme/classic/vendors/ and [root]/theme/classic/demos/[demo_id]/assets/ to your own project, inserting the link and script tags for the assets you want to use into the HTML

Path Description
assetsContains assets (JS, CSS, images, fonts, etc.)
appApp script files
bundleBundle folder.
customCustom JS files that indivdually minified and moved to the assets folder for on-demand usage.
blogBlog page components. Eg. blog post, blog list, blog list grid view, etc.
errorError page components
generalGeneral components folder.
componentsTheme's component demos.
customTheme\s custom page demos.
dashboard.jsDashboard page initialization JS scripts.
invoiceInvoice page components
pricingPricing page components
userUser page components. Eg. login page, profile page, etc.
demoAssets per demo folder.
[...]List of demo directories. Eg. default, demo2, demo3, etc.
baseBase JS and CSS file for demo design.
skinsSkins style CSS for aside menu, header, etc.
mediaMedia files. Eg. images, etc.
vendorsContains a list of 3rd-Party plugin vendor directories. All the plugins are included in the HTML tempaltes individually.
customCustom 3rd-Party vendor's plugin
general3rd-Party plugin vendors from node_modules directories
[...]List of demo directories. Eg. default, demo2, demo3, etc.
*.htmlHTML templates.