Keen - The Ultimate Multi-Demo Bootstrap Admin Theme

The most complete UI/UX template solution for today's web projects of any size

Classic Package

TheClassic Package is a separate package of Keen that does not require any build tools(e.g: gulp), css processors(e.g: sass) and package managers(e.g: npm, yarn). With the Classic Package you will get all features that Keen offers and code with the old style coding approach, that is, edit css and js code and reload page to see the result. The Classic Package theme can be found in [root]/theme/classic/

The RTL (Right-to-Left) assets are included in the source assets folder.

Copy [root]/theme/classic/assets/ into your own project, add the CSS include and script tags for the assets you want to use into the HTML. All assets can be found in the [root]/theme/classic/assets folder. The rest folders are demo type folder.

Choose which demos to use from [root]/theme/classic/[demo_id] Get the list of assets by referring to the HTML head css include and JS files include at the end of body tag.

Path Description
assetsSource folder contains the raw source code of javascript, scss, images and web font files that will be minified/concatenated by gulp tasks onto assets folder for production usage.
cssContains CSS files
[demo1]List of demo folders(e.g: demo1, demo2, demo3, etc).
pagesCustom CSS files for individual pages.
customTheme\s custom page demos.
appsApps components folder.
generalGeneral components folder.
skinsOptional folder. Skins style CSS for aside menu, header, etc.
style.bundle.cssUnique base style of the theme for a specific demo.
jsContains Javascript files
[demo1]List of demo folders(e.g: demo1, demo2, demo3, etc).
pagesCustom JS files for individual pages.
scripts.bundle.jsUnique base script of the theme for a specific demo.
mediaMedia files. Eg. images, etc.
vendorsContains a list of 3rd-Party plugin vendor directories. All the plugins are included in the HTML template individually.
customCustom 3rd-Party vendor's plugin
general3rd-Party plugin vendors from node_modules directories
[demo1]List of demo directories. Eg. demo1, demo2, demo3, etc.
*.htmlHTML templates.