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A single core framework and long term tool built
on top of Bootstrap 5 for delivering limitless highly
customized projects

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9 HTML demos based on Bootstrap 5

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Core Framework

One Scalable Foundation

A single core framework and long term tool built on top of Bootstrap 5
to ship limitless highly customized projects of any size

Bootstrap 5 - CSS & JS Framework

Bootstrap 5 is used as a backbone by extending it further according to a unique design system

NPM - Package Management

Node Package Manager for quick and secure package management through command line tools

Yarn - Dependency Manager

Fast, safe & stable dependency manager with multithreading and version locking

Gulp - Task Automationn

Automate & enhance your repetitive workflows and compose them into efficient build pipelines

Webpack - Module Bundler

Static assets bundler for easy integration with popular server side frameworks

HTML5 - As Cornerstone

No design skills required, use the prepackaged solutions to code without ever leaving your HTML editor

CSS3 - Design System

Flexible CSS utility classes build on top of Bootstrap 5 will cover almost all your design needs

Sass - CSS With Superpowers

Handle CSS with Sass, the most mature, stable, and powerful professional grade CSS extension language

Datatables - Dynamic HTML Tables

Highly flexible Javascript plugin that adds advanced features to any HTML table

Fullcalendar - JavaScript Event Calendar

Powerful plugins that offers compelling event handling features with calendar and timeline views support