Keen Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Framework

v1.3.9 Update Notes

Global css classes, custom javascript plugin class names and html attributes have been changed in order to avoid naming conflicts with other frameworks and plugins class names. In order to safely update your code with the new prefix format please follow the below instructions and do update your HTML, SASS and JS files where necessary:

  1. Update the theme source files(sass, js, media & HTML) with the latest version Keen v1.3.9.
  2. Change class names from k-* changed to kt-*. Eg. kt-header, kt-footer, kt-widget-45, etc.
  3. Change HTML id from k_* changed to kt_*. Eg. kt_header, kt_aside, kt_aside_close_btn, etc.
  4. Change Custom plugin HTML attributes from data-k* changed to data-kt*. Eg. data-ktmenu-mode="vertical", data-ktheader-offset="40", etc.
  5. Custom JS plugins' name changes from K* to KT*.
    • KTDatatable
    • KTHeader
    • KTMenu
    • KTOffcanvas
    • KTPortlet
    • KTScrolltop
    • KTToggle
    • KTWizard

Keen’s Key Features

Keen empowers your project with virtually limitless array of options
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Multi Demo

Choose a perfect design for your next project among hundreds of demos

Limitless Components

A huge collection of components to power your application with the latest UI/UX trands

Angular 8 & React Support

Enterprise ready Angular and React integration with built-in authentication module and many more

Bootstrap 4

Metronic deeply customizes Bootstrap with native look and feel

Exclusive Datatable Plugin

Our super sleek and intuitive Datatable comes packed with all advanced CRUD features

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