Keen - The Ultimate Multi-Demo Bootstrap Admin Theme

The most complete UI/UX template solution for today's web projects of any size

RTL Version

Right to Left (RTL) version CSS files are included within the theme. To change it, find the "RTL Version" CSS link in the source code files.

Run assets compiler with --rtl flag in [root]/theme/default/tools folder to generate the RTL version of CSS files.

gulp --rtl

Also can be enabled via config in [root]/theme/default/tools/conf/default.json and run the Gulp compiler to update the assets.

Comment out the normal Left to Right (LTR) CSS files and enable the RTL files which has suffix name *.rtl.css. For example:

<link href="assets/demo/default/base/style.bundle.rtl.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Add the direction attribute to the root HTML tag:

<html direction="rtl" dir="rtl" style="direction: rtl" >

RTL in Classic Version

RTL's CSS files can be found in the [root]/theme/classic/vendors/ and the assets folder of each demo.

Use the CSS files that has a suffix *.rtl.css to use the RTL version style. The CSS paths are within the same directory of each non-RTL's CSS file.