Keen Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Framework



A skin is an interchangeable colors for the theme. Each component part (eg. aside menu, brand, header, etc.) has changeable style need to be included. At a time, all 3 components are required. The skin demo can be previewed in online layout builder: https://keenthemes.com/keen/preview/demo1/builder.html

At the moment, only demo1 support multiple skins which are navy, light and brand. All other demos does not have separate skin colors.

The skins SCSS files can be found in this directory; [keen]/theme/demo1/src/assets/sass/global/layout/**

Component Color Type File Path
Header Skin Navy /assets/sass/global/layout/header/skins/base/navy.scss
Light /assets/sass/global/layout/header/skins/base/light.scss
Brand /assets/sass/global/layout/header/skins/base/brand.scss
Logo Bar Skin Navy /assets/sass/global/layout/brand/skins/navy.scss
Light /assets/sass/global/layout/brand/skins/light.scss
Brand /assets/sass/global/layout/brand/skins/brand.scss
Aside Skin Navy /assets/sass/global/layout/aside/skins/navy.scss
Light /assets/sass/global/layout/aside/skins/light.scss
Brand /assets/sass/global/layout/aside/skins/brand.scss

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