Keen Admin

Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Framework

Webpack Quick Start

The steps below for the Default Webpack Package. If you want to use the Gulp, go to this Gulp Quick Start section.

  1. Download the latest theme source from the marketplace.

  2. Download and install Node.js from nodejs.org/en/download/

  3. Start command prompt window or terminal and change directory to [keen]/theme/[demo]/tools/

    cd theme/demo1/tools
  4. Install the latest npm.

    npm install --global npm@latest
  5. Install yarn via the npm.

    npm install --global yarn

    Don't forget to run yarn upgrade after every Keen updates released in order to install newly added or updated 3rd-party plugins.
    Use npm cache clean --force command, if installation had failed at any step. Retry from start after it done.

  6. Install yarn dependencies. Must execute in [keen]/theme/[demo]/tools/ folder.

  7. This below command will compile all the assets(sass, js, media) and copy HTML templates to [keen]/theme/dist/ folder.

    npm run build

    By default dist folder does not exist and it will be generated only after running the compile task.
    Check on the detail Webpack documentation here for more information about the build options.

  8. To start Webpack in localhost, use this command to start the localhost server and can be used to quickly develop an application

    npm run localhost

    It will take a few seconds the browser will be automatically opened after the build finished and you will get a list of all available demos(e.g: demo1, demo2... demo12). Click your prefered demo for further preview.

    Press Ctrl+C to quit from localhost.

For more information about the Webpack build tool, click here.

Keen’s Key Features

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Bootstrap 4

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