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  • What is an Admin Theme ?

    An admin theme is a HTML, CSS, JavaScript template that is used to build the user interface for the admin side of a web application. They usually contain the HTML, CSS code for designs that you can use while building your admin dashboard.

    Using admin themes in your projects saves you a lot of time and money simply because you don't need to design and code the frontend templates from scratch and you can get your application up and running in a short time.

  • Keen built with HTML, SASS, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and it can be used to build any web application regardless used server side languages and technologies. To run the Keen build tasks you will need to install nodejs, npm, yarn, sass, gulp, webpack and others.

  • Keen's features are globally available for all demos. By default, the other demos show their exclusive layout and design level features and you can refer to the default demo and reuse any code from the content area in any demo.


  • What is Standard License ?

    Examples of Standard License Use:

    • A portfolio website for a client.
    • A dashboard to visualize your company’s internal data.
    • A marketing site for a paid application (where the Theme and it’s components are used only on the marketing pages).

  • What is Multiple License ?

    Examples of Multisite License Use:

    • All the same examples as the Standard License, but you could build all 3 of them with a single license vs. 3 Standard License copies!

  • Examples of Extended License Use:

    • A SaaS analytics application.
    • A UI library used in a paid app’s marketing pages, but also pages of the app only available to paying customers.
    • A blog with “paid subscribers only” areas for their best content.

  • If you need a custom license for your project, you can contact us at and we will offer you possible custom license options.

For more info on Bootstrap Themes licenses you can check


  • What support policy do you offer ?

    Our support mainly covers pre-sale questions, basic theme questions and bug reports through our support email: Also you can follow us on twitter to get the latest news and more.

    To be eligible to request the technical support you must have purchased the theme and have at least one regular, multiple or extended license. For the email support you must provide your order number us to mark you as “verified customer” in your email support system.

    When you send a support request please do describe your issue with more details. If you can provide a link to your developing site then this can help us to solve your issue more faster. Upon submitting a bug report, we will take it as a high priority case and we will release the fix with upcoming releases or we can send the fix to a customer via email if the customer needs the fix urgently.

  • We do not support individual customization requests, but we tend to advise and show direction on customization requests that customers ask. Also server side implementation(php, .net, java, login, database connection, etc) is not covered by our support since Keen is an HTML theme and its not fully functional admin panel or application.

    Keen theme support only covers frontend issues and development. All backend integration and development issues(e.g: php, .net, mysql, java, etc) are not covered by our support since the backend implementation is responsibility of buyers.

    When you send a support request please do describe your issue with more details. If you can provide a link to your developing site then this can help us to solve your issue more faster.

    Customers are always welcome to ask for feature requests and give suggestions that can improve our premium themes. All feature requests definetely will be considered and the new features will be released with upcoming releases.

  • Our support generally operates from 9AM – 6PM GMT+8 time from Monday – Friday. The support response time is 24-48 hours but normally we tend to settle the questions as earlier as possible(even earlier than 24 hours).