Keen - The Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Theme

Default Demo

Packed with endless UI components and plugins,
Keen is perfectly suited for any web project that
requires exceptional design and layout features.

Demo 2 - Modern Dashboard

Demo 2 - Modern Dashboard

Demo 3 - CRM Application

Demo 3 - CRM Application

Limitless Possibilities

Choose from a huge collection of modern UI/UX components
to power your web projects. Keen is built with flexibility
convenience that empowers your project with virtually
limitless array of options to create endless unique projects.

Powerful Framework

Keen's professionally designed, enterprise-ready framework makes it easy to handle projects with any size.

Multi Demo Concept

Keen's unique multi-demo design concept allows you to build each project with a unique design and user experience.

Re-usable Components

A huge collection of re-usable components to power your application with the latest UI/UX trends.

Build Tools

Boost your development process with Keen's build tools powered by de-facto tools such as NPM, Yarn, SASS and Gulp.

Full RTL Support

With Keen's RTL(Right To Left) writing support you can build projects for all languages and audiences worldwide.

Super Clean Code

Keen is writen with a code structure that all developers will be able to pick up easily and fall in love with.

Continue Improvements

Lifetime updates with new demos and features is guaranteed.

Integrated 3rd Party Plugins

Keen comes with over 60 design matching integrated 3rd party plugins.

Dedicated Support

The best possible 24/7 support experience is guaranteed.

Hand Crafted Widgets

Visualize your data with uniquely designed
multi-purpose widget components to give your
users the best possible user experience.