Our Take at User Interfaces (UI) and User Experiences (UX)

User Friendly Interface

Whilst Metronic is specifically designed for Backend users such as developers or administrators, we are adamant to still deliver the best Interfaces and Experiences for our target audience. Regardless of user types, having a logical, simple and clean interface design will definitely benefit in productivity and efficiency for our end users.

Let’s first dive in on what exactly is a “user interface”. In general, a user interface is the layout design on screen which the user interacts with to control the input, settings and / or content for the devices, website or software.

There are 5 types of user interfaces,

  • Command line.
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Menu driven.
  • Form based.
  • Natural language.

Metronic focuses on synergizing the Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a Form Based interface to produce the best possible control for our users to interact with their backend systems. We also focus on delivering multiple design concepts for our User Interfaces in order to cater to a variety of projects that we support. Our design concepts can range from Flat UI design, Material Design to Responsive Designs.

Having multiple design concepts will ensure that we commit to our goals to provide the best possible User Experience for all our customers. User Experience (UX) is the overall experience a user faces whilst interacting with the system or application in terms of how easy or pleasing it is to use. Therefore having a great UX will ensure that our customers will be able to maneuver through Metronic’s GUI and Form interfaces with ease. This will in turn increase productivity, efficiency and lower development and maintenance cost whilst utilizing Metronic.

We also are aware that there are many available 3 rd party plugins available and being used by our customers on a regular basis, that is why when we integrate these plugins we ensure our users that our standards for UI and UX gets translated into these plugins. For example, we’ve heavily customized the jQuery Datatables and Bootstrap’s Dropdown menus to increase usability and efficiency.

Here’s a screenshot example of the original jQuery Datatable on the left, and Metronic’s heavily customized jQuery Datatable on the right:

Default jQuery Datatable                         Metronic's jQuery Datatable

Default jQuery Datatable                                                            Metronic’s jQuery Datatable

The keys to a successful UI and UX are based on the following points:

1. It has to be Clear and Concise in design to ensure that the use does not get confused with the menus, links or any other element within the design.

2. The interface flow and design elements have to be Familiar with general ongoing standards available.

3. The layout has to be Responsive to be able to fit every device to reduce access limitation for our users.

4. It has to have a Consistent Design from an element to another in order for our users to recognize certain relatable elements quicker.

5. It has to be Attractive so that our users can feel at ease and pleasant whilst developing and interacting with it.

6. It has to have Efficient Functions and Features to increase productivity and reduce development time.

7. Finally, it has to be Forgiving to allow our users to make mistakes without causes frustration and annoyance.

As developers ourselves, we’ve had our fair share of stress and frustration going through some badly designed User Interfaces from our past projects. Therefore through countless weeks of research and hardwork, we’ve set a goal to deliver a product to accessible to everyone in order to eliminate these frustrations. We truly hope that we’ve managed to deliver that to all our existing customers and we will continue to strive to push the limits to deliver the best possible User Interface and User Experience for everyone.