Responsive Design as a Keystone for Mobile Friendly Websites & Apps

Responsive Mobile Friendly Web Design

In today’s web standards, it’s virtually impossible to develop a website without having to make it mobile friendly. In order to stay relevant in today’s web market, we would need to create a highly robust web design that focuses on mobile first with Metronic, and we’ve done just that.

As developers of Metronic, we firmly believe in developing and providing a solid and positive user experience for Admin Dashboards in a form of a HTML 5 template that is easily integrated, customized and deployed. We’ve received over 40,000 satisfied customers and some of which have saved over thousands of hours and thousands of dollars in development time and cost.

With the integration of Twitter Bootstrap as one of Metronic’s core framework, we are able to provide a robust, fluid grid framework with flexible fonts, images and lay-out. This in overall will maintain our goal to remain relevant in today’s mobile first standards.

Mobile responsive is a technique that allows the lay-out to instantly change adapt to any screen size from a single website by having flexible layouts and grids controlled by an intelligent application of media queries in CSS and an efficient unobtrusive javascript framework.

Mobile responsiveness is the key to a success of any web-based system because of the exponential growth of mobile devices easily obtainable by anyone. When there’s a large majority of available technology that allows everyone to browse the web from their device, the need for mobile responsive frameworks is crucial to provide a highly positive user experience.

However, having a responsive HTML 5 template is not the end of it. Metronic also delivers features and functions for developers that would like to integrate Metronic with their project. Packaged with a clean and precise file structure allows developers to easily access our source SASS, jQuery, Javascript, plugins, HTML and image files to customize to suit any possible requirement.

Metronic delivers these standards with more innovative solutions that we believe that will soon be global web standards in the new future for both the web browsing user and web developers.