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  • New

    • HTML Added new Invoice 3. See preview.
    • HTML Added new Invoice 4. See preview.
    • Figma file update:
      • New Demo 12 layout.
      • New Demo 13 layout.
      • 10 eCommerce App pages.
      • 12 Education App pages.
      • 6 Invoice pages.


    • HTML Fixed Demo 1 topbar toggle issue on mobile mode.
    • HTML Fixed quick search result missing image path.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • HTML Demo 1 fixed mobile subheader option.
    • HTML Improved KTDatatable function destroy() to release memory and clear unused variables.


    • HTML Fixed Demo 7 Fixed Header issue.
    • HTML Fixed webpack error during compilation in demo12 and demo13.
    • HTML Hide KTDatatable pagination when no rows in the list.
    • HTML Fixed missing tinymce plugin import in gulp and webpack.
    • HTML Fixed webpack plugin import error.
    • HTML Fixed missing datetimepicker plugin import in webpack.
    • HTML Fixed noUiSlider plugin error when initialize with empty element.
    • HTML Removed console.log() code from wizard.js plugin.
    • VUE Fixed demo2 user profile topbar dropdown in mobile view.
    • VUE Fixed aside menu when it is collapsed in demo2. Now menu items will be visible when the menu is collapsed.
    • VUE Fixed wizard pages in demo2.
    • VUE Fixed vertical align for spinners inside a buttons on the page /vue-bootstrap/spinner.
    • VUE Fixed z-index bug with offcanvas menu on mobile version. Now the menu will be in front of the header.
    • VUE Fixed highlight menu button width on mobile view.
    • VUE Fixed dashboard widget broken style.
    • VUE Removed left margin for apexcharts on the dashboard page.
    • LARAVEL Fixed Laravel source-map warning in DevTools for production build.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • HTML Added solid theme color options for Tagify plugin. See preview.
    • Laravel Sync package.json file with HTML version.
    • HTML Removed Bootstrap Datetimepicker by smalot.


    • HTML Fixed demos topbar dropdowns and custom file input z-index conflict.
    • HTML Fixed issye with Fixed Footer page.
    • HTML Daterangepicker custom range view border issue.
    • HTML Demo3 success color duplication with primary color.
    • React Fixed issue with MUI Ripple effect.
    • React Fixed padding issues with Registration page.
    • React Fixed eCommerce HTML issues with Dropdown.
    • React Fixed breadcrumbs disappearing issue when aside is disabled.
    • React Fixed getAttributeNames method error on Microsoft Edge.
    • Angular Fixed breadcrumbs counting algorithm.
    • Angular Fixed Timeline widget HTML.
    • Angular Fixed MUI Tooltip components.
    • Vue Fixed Non-authenticate user redirection bug to dashboard.
    • HTML Laravel Fixed topbar HTML in mobile view.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements


    • HTML Fixed Demo 3 Chat popup window issue.
    • Vue Fixed topbar dropdown layout issue in the RTL version and mobile view.
    • Vue Fixed demo2 subheader padding.
    • Vue Fixed undefined image path.
    • React Fixed Aside parent active class issue.
  • New

    • React Added new Demo 2 integration. See preview.
    • Vue Added new Demo 3 integration. See preview.
    • HTML New Login 4 Wizard Singup Page. See preview.
    • HTML New Login 4 Signin Page. See preview.
    • HTML New Login 4 Forgot Password Page. See preview.
    • Global Added new KTUtil.btnWait() and KTUtil.btnRelease() functions to handle the buttons progress states.
    • Design New Figma pages:
      • Demo 11
      • Sign 1, Sign 2, Sign 3, Sign 4
      • Wizard 1, Wizard 2, Wizard 3, Wizard 4
      • Calendar
      • Inbox
      • Forms
      • Todo
      • Cards 1
      • Cards 2
      • Invoice 1
      • Invoice 2

    Updates & Improvements

    • HTML Removed KTApp.progress() and KTApp.unprogress() functions. Instead use KTUtil.btnWait() and KTUtil.btnRelease() as shown here.


    • Global Fix Aside scrolling issue on iPad Pro.
    • HTML Fix Summernote toolbar z-index issue on scroll.
    • HTML Fix Page Loader not displaying issue.
    • HTML Fix Wizard triggering previouse step on form enter click on inputs.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Global KTOffcanvas component animation improvements.
    • Global .btn-secondary hover state background color improvement.
    • HTML Custom/Pages/Login pages file structure reorganization.
    • HTML Custom/Pages/Login/Login 3 improvements.


    • Global Fixed widgets height issue on Mac Safari.
    • HTML Fixed SweetAlert Swal undefined variable in webpack build.
    • HTML Fixed TinyMCE demo page JS errors.
    • HTML Fixed broken table layout in Datatables.net demo page.
    • HTML Use Datatables.net version fixed to 1.10.19 because the latest v1.10.20 has issue.
    • Vue Fixed menu JS error in the header menu.
    • Vue Fixed vue-bootstrap tooltip hover timeout too fast.
    • Vue Close offcanvas panel on the link click.
    • Laravel Fixed webpack.mix.js missing fonts in the production build.
    • Laravel Fixed SweetAlert Swal undefined variable in webpack build.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • Global Added ability to pass Perfect Scrollbar Options via HTML attributes.
    • HTML Added custom dark theme for Bootstrap Tooltip component.
    • HTML Bootstrap v4.5.0 update.
    • Angular Bootstrap v4.5.0 update.
    • React Bootstrap v4.5.0 update.
    • Vue Bootstrap v4.5.0 update.
    • Laravel Bootstrap v4.5.0 update.


    • Global Pulse alignment issue on Mac/Safari.
    • Global Card with icon issue on mobile.
    • Global Bootstrap Popover bug in RTL version.
    • Global Horizontal Menu offscreen submenu issue.
    • Global Iconbox responsive issues.
    • Global Horizontal Menu offscreen submenu issue.
    • HTML Demo 3 Sticky Card position issue when Aside toggled.
    • HTML Demo 4 Aside scroll mode issue.
    • HTML Bootstrap disabled buttons hover issue.
    • HTML Fixed missing error pages.
    • HTML Fixed Bootstrap Notify animation issue.
    • HTML Fixed Login 1 layout issue on Mac Safari.
    • HTML Fixed Login 2 layout issue on Mac Safari.
    • HTML Fixed form submission issue after successful validation.
    • HTML Fixed jQuery-Repeater integration with Webpack and Laravel Mix.
    • HTML Fixed KTDatatable ordered column direction differentiation issue.
    • HTML Fixed KTDatatable checkbox issue with sorting icon issue.
    • HTML Fixed KTDatatable pagination spacing in mobile view.
    • HTML Fixed certain font files path issue when compile using gulp
    • HTML Fixed Datatables.net integration issue in webpack.
    • React Fixed Login page 'width' issue.
    • React Fixed subheader non-fixed/solid issue
    • React Fixed Registration page 'Terms and Conditions' checkbox issue.
    • Angular Fixed Login page 'width' issue.
    • Vue Fixed color of expand/collapse aside button svg icon.
    • Laravel Fixed line-awesome font import and revised all custom icons import.
    • Laravel Fixed Webpack Mix fonts path issues.
    • Laravel Removed static mode setting from webpack.mix.js.
    • Laravel Fixed Datatables.net integration issue in the Laravel webpack mix.
    • Laravel Fixed Select2 integration issue when importing with Datatables.net in the Laravel webpack mix.
  • New

    Updates & Improvements

    • HTML SASS primary color changes from #6993FF to #3699FF for all versions of Demo1.
    • HTML The SASS global components variable file _variables.scss devided into the Bootstrap variables _variables.bootstrap.sass and the Custom variables _variables.custom.sass. The demo _variables.demo.sass is used to safely override the global Bootstrap and Custom variables in an isolated scope. Learn more.
    • HTML Added code comments in Webpack configuration files.
    • HTML Added Logout Button in User Offcanvas Panel.
    • Vue Added Vue logout button and logout function.
    • Vue config override at the page level using store service. Eg. this.$store.dispatch(OVERRIDE_PAGE_LAYOUT_CONFIG, {/*page layout config*/});
    • HTML Added <!DOCTYPE html> to the HTML tag.
    • React Added tooltips for topbar components in React


    • HTML Fixed Missing <!DOCTYPE html> tag in HTML files.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Layout Builder bugs.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Link click outline issue.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Form validation bugs.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Tagify plugin readonly mode bug.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Toast plugin state colors bug.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Subheader layout issue in Demo 6.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Header Menu dropdown issue in Demo 8.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Datatables.net column sort direction icon colors issue.
    • HTML Fixed HTML Sweetalert2 plugins options syntax issues.
    • Vue Fixed Vue highlight menu item on active.
    • Vue Fixed Vue user profile button hover transparency color.
    • Vue Fixed Vue topbar dropdown outline.
    • HTML Fixed offcanvas demo panel error on first time load.
    • Global Fixed HTML,React,Angular & Vue Menu closing after router changes.
    • HTML Fixed npm run localhost from deleting existing assets folder.
    • Laravel Fixed Laravel dropdown in subheader partials.
  • New

    • Global New codebase and improved core framework.
    • Global Full demos redesign.
    • Global Full widgets, components, elements and plugins redesign.
    • HTML 200+ new widgets. See preview.
    • Laravel New Laravel version for demo1.
    • Vue New Vue version for demo1 and demo2.
    • Angular New Angular version for demo1.
    • React New React version demo1.
    • React New React eCommerce module with following features:

    Updates & Improvements

    • Global Removed custom Metronic classes kt-* and replace with the Bootstrap standard classes and new Metronic classes compatible with Bootstrap framework.
    • HTML Removed custom KTPortlet plugin and implemented new KTCard class on top of Bootstrap Card component.
    • Global Dropped IE11 support due to many 3rd-party plugins incompatiblity issues.
    • HTML Source code preview for the components and plugins examples.
    • HTML Core Javascript code and performance optimization.
    • HTML File structure optimization.
    • HTML Gulp builder optimization.
    • HTML Webpack builder optimization.
    • HTML Pre-compiled assets included in the download package.
    • HTML Classic version has been removed, the pre-compiled assets can be used as an alternative.
    • HTML Removed cookie option from KTDatatable saveState.cookie. Set data.saveState to enable localStorage.
    • HTML Single tools folder for all demos of the HTML version.
    • Angular Angular 9 update. Lear more.
    • React React version refactoring:
      • View parts of _metronicfolder were divided into 4 parts:

        _assets, _helpers, _partials(Shared elements) and layout.

      • layout setup was moved from React Redux to React Context.
      • i18n setup was moved from React Redux to React Context.
      • All components were rewrited from React.Component to React Hooks.
      • Redux, Axios and Mock Axios settings were moved into src/redux folder.
      • Lazy modules were moved into src/app/modules folder.
      • Pages were moved into src/app/pages folder.


    • HTML Fixed KTDatatable duplicate count of selected checkboxes.
    • HTML Fixed KTDatatable negative pagination when there is no record on the list.
    • React Fixed createSvgIcon exports error in React demos.
    • Angular Fixed ngx-daterangepicker-material library breaking changes in Angular demos.

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